Jens - Sonja - Marco

About sonic minds

Sonic minds does exist in this constellation since 2002 which partly is due to a lucky coincidence as Jens met the current singer Sonja. Because her singing qualities have been seeked for such a long time and so necessarily needed for further development - until this point Jens has been producing more or less by himself.

Besides during this period contact to the former dj Marco has been reestablished who is an essential part of sonic minds because of his ideas and critical ears.

We are all children of the 80´s and 90´s that is unmistakable. Sonic minds´ philosophy is to present good and catchy tunes packed into a dancable garment. Since the beginning of 2006 a first chapter of our common work could be closed in form of the album no secrets

Until today the albums peoplesound (2009) and focus (2010) have followed!

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