The EP Neues Leben

A new born child makes you go sentimental leading to our Neues Leben EP . The result is a collage of 7 totally different titles, thereunder 5 remixes of the ballad Neues Leben.

The album focus

Our new album focus has been released and contains our well known mixture. Also involved was the successful US producer John Keenan from Phoenix, who delivered as proof for good cooperation his interpretation of it's gone. Further titles will follow!.

The if I had you here maxi

Due to joining a concert of the belgian a cappella band voice male arised the idea to interprete their phantastic song if I had you here in a new manner. Contact has quickly been established and - also by involving chummy bands ginkgo garden and prophetic noise - a maxi containing five tracks compiled and released.

The album peoplesound

After a long term waiting our second album peoplesound has been released.

The result is a collage of 13 partially very different tracks, i.a. an Anne Clark remix and two voice male remixes are inclosed.

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